Secrets Of The Dogmen

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A plan was put in place years ago to keep both the dog and the truth from a world deemed unworthy to know it. Yes, it was all planned long ago, planned by those who recalled and feared this magnificent creature-the Dog of the Ancients. Secrets of the Dogemn-: The Blondi Conspiracy reveals why those responsible for the destruction of the German Shepherds Dog have sought to mislead so many and how they have achieved such devastating success. It is a story of goo and evil, of darkness and light, and of Gods gift too mankind. 

The dog has walked by our side since our time in the Garden Of Eden. He exists on a physical plane while offering us the ability to touch the spiritual world. He indicated on the very soul of those with evil intent, forewarning us of those whose presence we should avoid. The dog reminds us of what really matters-love, companionship, and loyalty (and all that that requires)

The dogs powers are enormous. Tapping into them is a sacred choice made possible by the hand of a loving God.