About Us

Baden K9 is a Christian family owned and operated business. We are a 3rd generation company that was founded over 50 years ago by Mike McConnery. Our Mission is to give families the security that they deserve and require. We work hard to ensure you have the feeling of safety in your own life. We have spent the past 50+ years ensuring that our training philosophy is 100% effective in any and all situations/environments. Baden K9 is forged in the fires of time.

Our Breeds

Baden K9 has maintained the true integrity of the German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, Belgian Malinois for over 50 years. We are one of the last strongholds of the working dog.

German Shepherds

Originating in Germany, this is the Breed that Mike McConnery first started working with in the beginning years of Baden K9. For over 50 years Baden has maintained the true German Shepherds Dog. They can be deceitful in that they are stable around family and public environments but are able to defend without hesitation. German Shepherds come in a variety of beautiful fur patterns, such as black and tan, all black, and sable.

Dutch Shepherds

Originating in Holland, this is a very old breed of dog that is incredibly loyal and eager to please. For over 50 years Baden K9 has kept, bred and worked this breed. It's in keeping it to its original ability to herd and work that makes the Baden Dutch Shepherds dog true to its origins. The Baden Dutch Shepherds dogs are loyal in their desire to serve the family. Their brindle coat adds to this dogs noble appearance and serve as a form of natural camouflage.

Belgian Malinois

This breeds originates in Belgium and is most noted for its cat like agility, high energy, and quick response to any form of training. Incredibly teachable and eager to please, the Malinois has been part of Baden's breeding program for more than 50 years. We maintain strict standards for their ability, stability and health. These dogs, like all of the Baden dogs, make great family pets due to their stability, and their capacity for work cannot be rivaled.


At Baden K9 our philosophy has been the same for over 50 years. We do not utilize the usage of treats or toys in our training, as that is at its base level just a form of bribery. Why would you want the shield standing between your family and a potential threat to have its foundation built on bribery? At Baden K9 our philosophy is to build the foundation of the dog using communication and the natural bond between the dog and the handler. This creates a much stronger loyalty in the dog for the handler.