Family Protection

In a world that is becoming increasingly more difficult to secure your family. Give yourself a piece of mind by knowing you have the most reliable guardian by your side, a Baden K9 family protection dog.

Effective in every environment

Your family needs to be secure wherever they are, that's why Baden K9 ensures our family protection dogs are comfortable in all environments.

Protection not weapons

A very large misconception of the protection dog is that they are dangerous and unpredictable weapons that should never be in the hands of a family. This is simply just not true. Although the amateurs of the community make a bad name for the family protection dog, Baden K9 ensures that the stability of your family protection dog is put just as equally as the protection aspect of their training. Baden K9 takes the natural protection capabilities of the dog and guides it in the right direction. This is actually more stable than a dog that has not undergone protection training, because a Baden K9 family protection dog understands when to protect and when not to. It has the problem solving skills to discern between a threat and a non-threat. When it comes to training stable and capable dogs, Baden K9 is #1.


Baden K9 family home protection dogs go through a very unique, specific, and demanding training program to ensure that your family protection dog is 100% stable around every member of your immediate family. A Baden K9 family protection dog doesn't make your home life more difficult as their training consists drills so they can discern between a treat and a non-threat.


Do not allow their calm demeanor decieve you. Baden K9 family protection dogs are 100% capable of defending their families from any and all threats that dare to go toe to toe with them. Each Baden K9 family protection dog is trained in a philosophy that has been proven through fire for over 50 years to ensure that your family remains secured.


Being secure should not be a hassle. Baden K9 ensures that you and your family receive the proper training so that you can confidently integrate your Baden K9 family protection dog into your home. Your family protection dog will smoothly become a very special, functional, and important part of your home.


When it comes to keeping your family safe, the safest way to do so is to never have a situation happen in the first place. Having a Baden K9 family protection dog makes your family a much harder target for the threat to penetrate into your family unit.


Unfortunately, in today's world having just a deterrence capability isn't always enough. Baden K9 dogs cannot be bought by money like humans or treats like other dogs. Baden K9 family protection dogs are 100% loyal to your family unit, and will do whatever it takes to ensure your family's safety is upheld.


They can cut the power, they can try to hide in the dark, but Baden K9 family protection dogs will always see them coming. Our dogs are bred and trained to be suspicious of strangers, as well as to be aware of all foregin movement in your home.

Why Choose Baden K9

In the world of family protection dogs there are a lot of options, so what is it that makes Baden K9 the best facility to rely on for your families security. Baden K9 has had over 50 years of experience in securing the lives of families all over the world, without trying to sound arrogant, we have done that without fault. Baden K9 is a 3 generation facility that has the personal experience of utilizing our dogs protection capabilities. Unlike the "competition" we are not just "Dog Trainers" or "Dog Breeders", we are those who utilize our skill-set along with the natural capabilities of our dogs to secure the lives of your family. Although actions speak louder than words, that's why you will always find that those rolling with the best, are rolling with a Baden K9 family protection dog.