Standing Alone
So You Don't Have to

Established in 1971

Baden K9 is family owned and operated. We are one of the last strongholds of the working dog. As long as we live, it will stay that way. Together we protect this place. For over 50 years we have been successfully securing the lives of families.

Why Baden k9?

There are many different places to get a family protection dog. So why choose Baden K9?

Baden K9 has spent the last 50+ years, as well as 3 generations, training and perfecting the art that is the family protection K9. Our dogs are the most stable, capable, and reliable in any and all situations

Service Dogs

Baden K9 has a proud, albeit somewhat private, history of assisting and contributing to the donation of service dogs. In the early 1980s, we established a highly successful program aimed at placing and utilizing dogs to assist veterans, emergency service personnel, and families, thereby enhancing productivity and promoting peace of mind.

please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Family/Estate security

For over 50 years our family dogs have been bred, raised and trained to fit and secure the family environment. Perhaps the greatest challenge we face today is how to protect our homes and our loved ones. True protection is an art few recognize let alone master. At Baden K9 your protection needs are looked at very closely and the proper program is professionally selected for you and your family.

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The Team


Mike McConnery is the founder of Baden K9. Mike McConnery started his journey with his mentor Gunther, after years of demanding training Mike started to breed, raise, and train his unique dogs for the rest of the world. Mike has spent the past 52 years overseeing the training of the dogs to ensure that each and every dog is able to overcome and surpass any and all challenges they will face. Mike is also the author of "My Years With A Dogman"


Joshua is the second generation of Baden K9. Joshua started at a young age and trained under his father Mike for years, undergoing the same demanding training as his fathers mentor required of him. Joshua has assisted Mike in bringing Baden K9 where it is today, as he has traveled abroad training and securing families across the globe with the use of Baden K9's elite family protection Dogs.


Jakob is the third generation at Baden K9. Jakob has been working alongside his father and grandfather since childhood, learning the business. Jakob works alongside his grandfather in the day to day training of all the dogs. Jakob also runs the public dog training classes.

The Dogs

Here at Baden K9 we breed, raise and train German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, We also offer training packages for the public with other dog breeds as well.

Our Mission

Our mission has remained the same for over 50 years. That is to breed, raise, train, and provide the very best dogs in the world today. Christian based, family owned, Baden K-9.

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Three years ago, I arrived at BadenK9 to
pick up my soon-to-be service dog, Arrow. I would spend the next 30 days there
learning “the work” to be a handler to this fantastic creature.


Like many, the road that brought me to
BadenK9 was a long and winding road that left me without purpose. “The work,”
known on the farm, is not for the weak or lazy. The dog is a working dog and
requires continuing that lifestyle and training by its handler.


As a veteran and used to daily training, routine,
and mission focus, I thought I was up to the challenge. But, as I quickly
learned, I was so wrong.


“The work” will reveal the real you and
everything you hate about yourself, but if you are humble enough, the dog will
communicate how to change to a better life with them.


As I struggled through all these painful
realizations and changes, Arrow remained by my side, forgiving me when I worked
without intent, in anger, expecting perfection from both of us. I often felt as
if I crushed her spirit and ruined our communication. However, Arrow met every
failure I had as a handler daily with excitement to try again.


We are grateful to everyone at BadenK9 and
all they do to make the farm an extraordinary and spiritual place, everyone who
invested in making Arrow a reality, and God for overseeing everything. 

Michal Block

As a Canadian Police Officer of 32 years, I have had many opportunities to work with K9 units for apprehension, person searches, and warrants. In 1998 I participated in the development of K9 for my service in Ontario and later the expansion of the unit. During that time I attended Baden K9 and after being introduced to the truth of K9 training and the undeniable effectiveness methods and communication with the dog, I realized there is no other place to be.

25 years later I still train with the Baden K9 family and would strongly suggest that either for personal protection or LEO K9 Baden K9 is the only option.

J.F (LEO Retired)

We came
across Baden K9 on a search for a private sector training firm that could
assist a police department in standing up a canine program that only had a dog,
a handler and a vision.
We attended the facility with our dog and were immediately taken aback by the
obedience and stability in the 12 dogs that were lying in a down stay on a
table in the middle of the room. No growling or fighting among them. These dogs
were in position for what seemed like an hour; requiring no treats or bribes
from the handlers to keep them there. All dogs were confident and had a calm
alertness. We had found the right place to come and develop a dog team.

We began training almost immediately at Baden K9 in The Work.  The family
business is very supportive of law enforcement and has been especially helpful
for our budding canine program. They have been incredibly supportive, doing the
best to provide the training and mentor-ship our canine program needs, within
our budgetary realities. Baden has played an instrumental role in validating
our man tracking capability and has passed on knowledge and wisdom in the art
of man-hunting ranging from “friendly” search & rescue style tracking to
“hostile” tactical tracking, including officer/operator safety concepts Any one
looking for an elite personal or family protection dog should be calling Baden
K9… You simply won’t find breeders and trainers in the industry that are so
deeply devoted to their craft. Professional LE, Military, or Search and Rescue
organizations seeking private sector training partnerships should be looking to
Baden K9 as a source for your training needs. This facility is a proving ground
to test and/or validate dog teams in a realistic training environment.  
I owe some much gratitude for Baden K9’s schooling and continued mentor ship.
Our canine program is nearing deployment-ready status and we are still working
with Baden K9. Mike, Josh and Jakob have developed our canine team in many
respects, especially in the art of man-hunting in both urban and woodland settings.
In doing so, they have created realistic training scenarios that challenge both
dog and handler, revealing their true ability. Further, they have set up
training conditions and exercises to forge such a solid bond with my dog. We
know each other's strengths and limits as a result of these training scenarios,
which helps handlers make sound deployment decisions and mitigate deployment
liabilities. Canine unit managers (LE or Military) that are seeking trainers/vendors for
your canine program need to contact Baden K9, at once. The folks at Baden K9
will open up worlds of possibility for your dog teams that you may never have
considered possible. Your unit members need real world training and field
applications to build truly credible, deployable canine teams. Look no further
than Baden K9. Forged in the fires of time. "