Personal Protection

Effective in every environment

Everywhere you go, your dog goes, becuase you need to be secure in all places.


Whether or not you live in a high risk environment you should always have backup that doesn't require you to make a phone call. When things go bump in the night a Baden K9 protection dog will always be there to meet the threat, giving you the time you need to get to a safe environment.


In a world where trusting other people is becoming a risky decision, you should have security that cannot be bought with money or intimidated into leaving your side. A Baden K9 protection dog is more intimidating than a bodyguard, yet less abnormal to have by your side in a business setting.


Unlike other means of defense, there is no place your Baden K9 protection dog cannot go. Be able to feel comfortable in every environment knowing that your back is always covered.


When it comes to keeping your family safe, the safest way to do so is to never have a situation happen in the first place. Having a Baden K9 family protection dog makes your family a much harder target for the threat to penetrate into your family unit.


Unfortunately, in today's world having just a deterrence capability isn't always enough. Baden K9 dogs cannot be bought by money like humans or treats like other dogs. Baden K9 family protection dogs are 100% loyal to your family unit, and will do whatever it takes to ensure your family's safety is upheld.


They can cut the power, they can try to hide in the dark, but Baden K9 family protection dogs will always see them coming. Our dogs are bred and trained to be suspicious of strangers, as well as to be aware of all foregin movement in your home.