Our Breeds

German Shepherd

Baden K-9 has the oldest continuous working lines of German Shepherds’ dogs in existence today. The Baden German Shepherds’ Dog is a noble breed. They remain strong in their original herding instincts, which accounts for their stability and health. This herding instinct is tested regularly with German Shepherds’ Dog puppies. Contrary to popular belief, the German Shepherds’ Dog breed consists of three unique frame sizes and a variety of colorations, including black & tan, red and black, blonde, and all black. Calm and loyal, the Baden German Shepherds’ Dog quickly becomes a valued member of a family. Confident in his abilities and naturally suspicious of strangers, a Baden German Shepherds’ Dog is the consummate companion, playmate, and protector.

Dutch Shepherd

Originating in Holland, this is a very old breed of dog that is incredibly loyal and eager to please. For over 40 years Baden has kept, bred and worked this breed. It is in keeping it to its original ability to herd and work that makes the Baden Dutch Shepherds’ dog true to its origins. The Baden Dutch Shepherds’ dogs are loyal in their desire to serve the family. Their brindle coat adds to this dog’s noble appearance and serves as a form of natural camouflage.

Belgian Malinois

This breed originates in Belgium and is most noted for its cat like agility, high energy, and quick response to any form of training. Incredibly teachable and eager to please, the Malinois has been part of Baden’s breeding program for more than 40 years. We maintain a strict standards for their ability, stability and health. These dogs, like all of the Baden dogs, make good family pets due to their stability, and their capacity for work cannot be rivaled.